Featured Articles

  • New Meetup.com Site (Announcements) 2019-11-17

    We have switched over to Meetup.com for our main operations. Please proceed to the following link to register and see our list of events. If you haven't registered on Meetup yet, please do!...

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  • PRM Waiver (Announcements) 2018-12-13

    Please take time to print, fill out, sign and return the waiver form (one for each family member) at the following link prior to attending your next event.  One waiver will cover you for the entire...

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  • SC River Water Quality App (Trip Resources) 2017-06-27

    You can use the following link to check the water quality of our rivers. This link is also accessible through the "Announcements->Gauges" section as well as the "Events->Trip Resources" section of the...

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Steve Crabb President
Karla Fulmer Vice President
Amy Abercrombie Cruisemaster
Meghann Crabb Membership/Hospitality Officer
Wolfgang Buchmaier Treasurer
Teresa Moore  Safety Officer
Jessica Price Communications
Ian Randolph Webmaster
Fred Every Secretary
Bill Stangler Member at Large, Conservation
Karen Kustafik Member at Large, Outfitters
Les Case Volunteer at Large, Insurance


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