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Sparkleberry Swamp


Sparkleberry Swamp
Sat, 14. January 2017, 11:00am - 3:00pm
Pinewood, South Carolina
Flat Water
Created by:
Les Case


The temperature is going to be near 70 this Saturday. Seems like a great reason to get out and do some exploring in Sparkleberry Swamp. Beautiful slow moving black water running in small creeks and lakes all linked together. Just about any route will lead you to a new spot or some sort of trail. It is the prefect trip to knock the flat water rust off and get in some work on strokes and maneuvering around trees and logs.


Gear: The water is cold so you should dress properly, think layers of non-cotton clothes and a set of dry clothes in a waterproof bag just in case. We should be on the water for 2 to 3 hours of wandering around looking for new creeks and channels. Bring water for hydration and a few snacks to get you thru the trip. Chances are there will be few if any places for a rest room break, plan accordingly. Recreational 10ft + kayaks, sea kayaks and canoes all are appropriate water craft for this trip. As on all Palmetto Paddler trips you'll be required to wear a PFD and have a signaling device attached. Loud pea-less whistles work well. I'll have a compass and GPS in use but you are encouraged to bring those items along if you would like to use them. A little back up is always a good idea as is having a personal first aid kit including medication you might need. Flashlights, flare guns and/or other signaling devices are a certainly reasonable for a wilderness adventure that at times will be of the beaten path.


Plan on meeting at Sparkleberry Landing at 11AM on Saturday January 14th. Before the trip I'll have everyone sign the release form and we'll have a short safety meeting and get ideas about what everyone looking to get out of the trip. If you are not familiar with Sparkleberry Landing use Google Earth for a decent map of the area. It is a few miles north of Rimini, SC.


Contact Trip Coordinator Mike Hollis by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in coming along. I don't have many chances to follow up on personal emails or phone calls during the day but I certainly will return emails later in the evening.


Mike Hollis


Sparkleberry Swamp
2898 Sparkleberry Landing Rd
South Carolina
United States
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