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Sun, 1. October 2017
Class II
Created by:
Les Case


SOS: Sundays on the Saluda

Class II Whitewater (Class III optional, can be portaged)

Coordinator: Charlie Smith

This Sunday we will paddle from the Put-in at Candi Lane above the Zoo to Granby Park.

Participants should be comfortable in Class II whitewater and have proper equipment for the conditions: Whitewater Boat, PFD, helmets, & whistle.  The Saluda water temp is cold (about 60 degrees F), so dress accordingly. Also bring plenty of fluids for hydration, snacks, and any safety equipment that you are trained to use.

We will meet at 11 AM at the Granby Park Parking area (see map link below).  We will set shuttle and be on our way to the put in near the zoo, on Candi Lane north of Greystone Blvd.  I plan to launch no later than 12 noon.  We will take our time on our way down, catch some eddies and surf some waves.  We will probably spend a little time at pop up as well.  I expect to be back at Granby Park around 4:00 PM.  The maximum difficulty of this trip is class II except for the class III Millrace Rapid, which can be portaged.  However, if the water is low, I plan to practice some technical moves within the Millrace rapid. Rec boats (not recommended) must put in below Millrace.

If you plan to attend, please contact the trip coordinator in advance so he can keep you informed of any changes to the trip.  You are welcome to show up the morning of, but if any changes have been made, you would not have gotten the info.

Email your questions to the trip coordinator.  Please provide a contact cell phone number.

The link below is a map of the put in and take out.

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