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Banana and Daws Island


Banana and Daws Island
Fri, 20. October 2017, 10:00am - Sun, 22. October 2017
Flat Water
Created by:
Les Case


Banana and Daws Island Kayak Trip

October 20, 21, 22, 2017

Trip Coordinator: Scott DeMint   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

I’m planning a three-day ocean kayaking and camping trip on October 20th, 21st, and 22th, which is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The trip is to Daws Island Heritage Preserve area, which is located on the SC coast between Hilton Head Island and Beaufort in Port Royal Sound. The camping is actually on Banana Island, which is separated from Daws Island by a small tidal river. I have done this trip before and it was fantastic. It was warm, calm seas, and no bugs. Since this is an October trip, the bugs could be bad, and of course you never know how the weather will be. We’re supposed to have a full moon, so it should be gorgeous.


Trip Recap:

-Friday, Oct. 20th: Meet at Edgar Glenn Boat Landing at 10 AM on Hwy 170 down road from Beaufort (if others are coming from Columbia, we can look at carpooling). Paddle to camping spot on Banana Island, which is part of Daws Island (8.4 miles); Make camp; should have time to explore Daws Island before dark;

-Saturday: Explore Daws Island, Pinckney Island, and other nearby areas ( maybe 10 miles); Return back to Banana Island for camping.

-Sunday: Return to car along western side of Daws Island; 9 miles; includes trip into heart of Daws Island using Chechessee River; We are targeting to get back to the cars around 3 PM.


About Daws Island:

This island contains four late Archaic Period shell rings dating to 4,500 years ago. Twenty-three other sites ranging from 10,000 BC to AD 500 are also present on the island. A primitive campsite is available on Banana Island adjacent to Daws Island. Spend your visit viewing such wildlife as Manatees, sharks, osprey, eagles, dolphins, sea turtles, and a wide array of birds during visits to the preserve. Sport fishing is another frequent activity adjacent to the preserve. Most of the high ground on Daws Island contains sensitive archaeological deposits. Artifact collection, digging and metal detecting are not allowed on the preserve.


Where We Will Park and Launch Kayaks: Edgar Glenn Boat Landing on Chechessee River

Located at 305 Okatie Highway, along SC 170 at Chechessee River Bridge, the dual lane Edgar C. Glenn Landing provides access to Chechessee & Broad Rivers and Port Royal Sound.


Planned Route To Banana Island: Approx. 8.4 Miles

We may change the route based upon weather conditions, but this is the preliminary plan. We’ll paddle up the Chechessee River until the tip of Rose Island. The plan is to cut thru the marshes on Rose Island if water depth permits over into the Broad River. Otherwise we’ll go through the gap between Rose Island and Daws Island. We’ll then paddle up the Broad River side of Daws until we reach Banana Island.


Camping On Banana Island

As noted earlier, primitive camping will be on Banana Island, which is basically a large sand bar with a few trees. There will only be tent sites for about six tents. There is not much protection from winds. Banana Island camping sites cannot be reserved, so there is a possibility that others have paddled out to the middle of a large sound to camp, so we may have to be flexible (although have never seen other campers there).


Day 2: On Saturday, the plan is to explore either Daws Island or the Pinckney Island refuge that is located across the Harbor River, or possibly other surrounding areas. If we go to Pinckney, the plan is to initially kayak to the point of Pinckney. There is a Pinckney Island walking trail at tip of island, where we could park kayaks and hike a little if desired. After that, we could continue down channel to the left of Pinckney and then circle around Corn Island to return to Banana Island for the night. This day could entail about 10 miles.


Day 3: Kayak from Banana Island Back To Car (9 miles)

Leaving early on Sunday to catch the tide back in, we paddle along the Chechessee River side of Daws Island. About half way down Daws Island, we may take a side trip down a channel into the heart of Daws Island to explore the middle part of the island by boat (depends upon tides).


This will be a strenuous trip. In addition to the paddling distances, wind and temperatures could make the trip very difficult and even dangerous if you’re not properly experienced or equipped. We’re hoping for calm seas and not too warm temperatures, but if the weather does not cooperate, the water may be rough and temperatures hot. If you have not paddled in rough ocean water, or battled tides and wind, I would not recommend you attempt this trip. Kayaks skirts are recommended to keep water out of your kayak. Camping conditions on Banana Island will be primitive and conditions are unknown. As with any backpacking trip, you’ll need to bring all provisions and be able to sustain yourself for the three days. There are no water sources, so you’ll need to bring enough water for three days.


-The number of people will be limited due to camping spots, so make sure I confirm.

-You’ll need to bring for yourself a kayak, paddle, life preserver with whistle, tie-up rope for kayak, tent, food, water, and all other provisions to kayak and sustain yourself for three days. A kayak skirt is highly recommended.


Contact me if you need additional information or want to sign-up for the trip.


Scott DeMint


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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