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Lower Nantahala


Lower Nantahala
Sat, 28. April 2018, 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Topton, North Carolina
Class II
Created by:
Travis Kelly


Lower Nantahala River


Coordinator: Wolfgang Buchmaier   email:


This exciting trip down the beautiful Lower Nantahala River (Class II+(III)) is for moderately experienced whitewater boaters who have paddling experience in Class 2+  rapids with an optional benchmark class 3 rapid at the end. You should be able to catch eddies, peel out and ferry in moderately fast-moving water. The Lower Nantahala is one of the most popular whitewater rivers in the South East with easy access and takeout and almost continuous II+ fun. (See AW river description link below).  It will be higher than usual that day because the Upper Nantahala is scheduled to flow at 250 cfs bringing the total flow in the Lower Nantahala up from 700dfs to 950cfs.  Due to such release and the NOC Spring Fling that weekend, we expect the river to be pretty busy.


As it is still early in the season and because the Lower Nantahala is supplied from the bottom of a deep lake the water temperature will be very cold, approximately 50 degrees, and boaters should dress for immersion.


Required equipment: PFD, helmet and whistle. Whitewater kayaks need spray skirts. Recreational boats are not permitted. A towel and dry clothes for afterwards are recommended. Bring drinking water and sunscreen.


As many people will be already up in the area for NOC Spring Fling, we will meet at high noon at the Putin for the Lower Nantahala (takeout of the Upper Nantahala) marked at this link:  This will allow more advanced paddlers who want to paddle the Upper Nantahala in the morning to join us and still will get day trippers back to Columbia the same day.  If people want it to make a day trip coming up from Columbia please let me know and I can also coordinate a meeting point for carpooling in Columbia.  When arriving everybody should have purchased a Nantahala National Forrest Paddling permit at the NOC (or if arriving from the other direction and Brookside Campground, $1 per day and $5 per year).  I will contact the participants before the paddle with more information whether we need to set shuttle before meeting at noon or whether NOC will provide Shuttle Services.  In general parking is very limited at the NOC during Spring Fling.


As this is an official club trip our insurance requires membership in the ACA which can be purchased for the day from the trip coordinator for $5.  However we recommend to sign up for the annual ACA membership ($40 regular and $30 for Palmetto Paddlers members).  Please bring the respective filled and signed waiver to the trip. It can be downloaded here: If applicable please also bring the $5 for the ACA event membership pay that fee in advance to the Treasurer of PP via PayPal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Plan to attend?  Contact the coordinator.  Please inform the Coordinator in a timely manner if your plans change and you can no longer attend.


American Whitewater Description of the Lower Nantahala


Map to Put-In


Event Waiver (please print out an bring to the event)


Contact information

Wolfgang Buchmaier


Lower Nantahala Put-In
Wayah Rd
North Carolina
United States




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